Hey babies, I am Lex.

I am a busy soul who doesn't like the idea of idle hands. I balance a full time job while also capturing memories for so many couples, families, and businesses throughout Maine. By day I work at Casco Bay Lines in Portland and by night and weekends (and sometimes the early morning) I create images whilst living through memories of some of the most beautiful humans I have ever met!

Writing an about me is like writing a dating app profile, and I know you tinder swipers get the pressure. How does one come off cool and unique, but also personable AF? Beats me. HOWEVER, I’m worth the swipe-right. Here's a quick 4-1-1:

  1. Everyone else comes first, even you. This trait of mine is a pure annoyance for my friends, but they also understand it’s my love language and how I communicate feelings because unlike Francis from A Bug’s Life, I am not in touch with my feminine-inside.
  2. I LOVE cars. My current project is a 2019 VW Jetta, and I tend to spend my free time talking cars and modifications with my brothers. Not to mention, long drives with no destination is my soul song and favorite past-time.
  3. I love cooking huge spreads of homecooked meals and treats for friends, family, and co-workers. If there's a party, I am in; as long as I get to cook something too.
  4. I am irrevocably in love with my day job. Casco Bay has become a part of me in ways I never expected and has brought some truly amazing wonderful people into my life. I wouldn't be the photographer I am without them. (Mostly because they tolerate my obsessive need to catch every single sunrise and sunset on the bay.)

Ultimately, the only thing you need to know is:

I love you and I’m here for you no matter what. Although our time together is fleeting, long before and long after, I will be your person to give you the tangible pieces of your moments and memories. The way Gramps spoke at your rehearsal dinner, they way your best friend’s beau looked at them while they danced, and the way your little ones giggle when they are chasing bubbles across the lawn. I’ll keep them preserved just the way you want to remember them. All I need you to do is live your best life, love your people, and trust I’ve got your memories in a safe place. Your love means everything to you, therefore it means everything to me.



“I don’t know of any other photographers that capture such true emotion and love and laughter. Lex can work with whatever type of photos you hope to get and the time absolutely flies during your photo session. Lex is fantastic with children (and adults) and can connect with you quickly to learn about who you are and what types of memories to capture. I, for one, was in literal tears of love over my photos.”